GNM is an abbreviation for “General Nursing and Midwifery” – what does that mean? This field focuses on the education of potential nurses in general healthcare, nursing, and midwifery. It is meant for nursing student to develop their knowledge of nursing and health care so they can branch out at into field at some point.

GNM refer to course work for nursing student at many universities as well. Once student have advanced their education, they can go into More specific of health care, these fields include but not limited to intensive care, dermatology, gynecology, anesthesia, emergency care, pediatrics and many more areas of health care.

They can work in the public or private sector. Theses nurses can also work different health care facilities such as hospitals, emergencies care facilities, nursing homes and clinics. GNM can also the same working in the military, community center, grand school, colleges and universities.

Many GNM also continue their course work beyond just a bachelor’s degree. They go on to graduate school to advance their skills. This opens up doors to other opportunities in health care field such as leadership and management of the patient.