Management is the art of getting the work done through and with the people in formally organized groups. In other words it is a co-operative effort directed towards the realization of a consciously laid down objectives. Administration involves thinking; hence, it is a top level function.


Mission or purpose is a standing plan in the sense, it defines the basic nature of the organization, what is seeks to do and the reason why it exists. It offers guidance in developing objectives, strategies, policies, procedures, programmes, projects and budgets.

Mission statement in nursing administration

A mission statement defines the organisation’s purpose and primary objectives. Its prime function is internal to define the key measure or measures of the organisation’s success and its prime audience is the leadership team and stock holders. Mission statements are the starting points of an organisations strategic planning and goal setting process. They focus attention and assure that internal and external stakeholders understand what the organisation is attempting to accomplish

Dimensions of mission statement

According to Bart the strongest organisational impact occurs when mission statement contains 7 essential dimensions.

  • Key values and beliefs.
  • Distinctive competence.
  • Desires competitive position.
  • Competitive strategy.
  • Compelling goal or vision.
  • Specific customers served and products or services offered.
  • Concern for satisfying multiple stake holder.