Mrs. Manohari Sivakumar, Principal

I am Really Delighted to highlight that the Saraswathi Institute of Medical Sciences Saraswathi Nursing Colleges is a unique Nursing Institute, Established in the Year 2016, is affiliated by Uttar Pradesh state nurses & Midwives, Lucknow and approved by Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi. It is increasingly becoming Popular because of its rapid growth and academic advancement.

Aims to train dedicated and expert nurses, capable of contributing towards the development of emerging health care systems in public and private health care organizations, as well as community services.


Our Diploma Nursing courses Provides high achieving students the opportunity to extend themselves intellectually and clinically, thereby rendering quality care to the general public through our hospital and community services.

Our significantly well infrastructure institution imparts high quality professional education to young and aspiring candidates who have dedicated themselves to be efficient nurses and also meet the acute shortage of qualified and skilled nursing manpower, our country is currently facing, Special impetus is given in SCON to train students capable of giving comprehensive nursing care, such as promoting preventive, curative and rehabilitative services to the needy.

I extend hearty welcome to students who are joining the institute and offer my best wishes for success in their career effort to usher in to the knowledge in meeting the challenges posed by the global economy.