Philosophy for a hospital

We believe that medical and paramedical professional person will give quality care service for caring the individual at all levels of preventions and continue of health in the individual. We are legally expertise in knowledge, attitude and skill with professionalism and further climb of the career ladder to enhance the professional personal image.

We will give case for individual in various settings and thereby improve individual, family and community health.

Vision and Mission statement for a hospital


  • Preferred health care destination for residents in and around the hospital.
  • Quality health care for all.
  • One stop facility.
  • Provide subsidized treatment for super specialty procedures.
  • To cater to the needs of all patients in the areas of all specialty.
  • Provide free treatment to the poor and marginalized through an endowment fund, specially created for this purpose


The purpose for which the hospital exists is to make known the hospital exists is to make known the love of god in by

  • Treating and caring for the sick, irrespective of status and without discrimination as to case, creed and color.
  • Promoting knowledge of the factors governing health, with a view to prevention of diseases.
  • Providing the necessary facilities for training doctor, Nurses, Paramedical workers and others involved in the ministry of healing.
  • Implementing comprehensive health care and schemes for the family and community.
  • Managing the projects and programs initiated and sponsored by the hospital.