Philosophy College of nursing:

Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind and language. The word “philosophy” comes from the Greek work philosophia which literally means “love of wisdom”

GNM (N) Philosophy:

We the faculty members college of nursing, believes the student prepared for GNM (N) will provide competent comprehensive nursing care in both hospital and community and illustrate extra ordinary skill and attitude in caring for individuals at all the levels of preventions and continue of health in the individual.

Realize the student prepared for GNM (N) Program would illustrate extra ordinary knowledge, attitude and expertise skill with professionalism and further climb the career ladder to enhance the professional and personal images.

Accepts that a Diploma program will develop competent nurses to the needs of individuals in various settings and care given their by improve individual and families health.


To promote academic excellence, widen intellectual horizon, inculcate self discipline and high ideas for the total personality development of the individual. To convert a novice in to a competent expert with theatrical knowledge, unsurpassed clinical skills and to motivate the interest in the research activities, further education and social service.


To be and to be recognized for settings the standards of excellence in education and high quality research in medical science.

Quality Policy:

To promote quality education, to convert a novice into a competent expert in the relevant field at par with global standard by meeting the far reaching expectations and requirements of the students through dedicated and devoted staffs with updated systems and continual improvement.


Mission, Vision, Polices are very essential for an institution, and this arrangement mode to realize the important of mission, vision and policies for an emerging institution.